Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brandy Killing it in Philly !

Hey dolls Check out some flix from when I went to Philly to see My Idol of over 15 years perform !!

I don't Think No one truly understands How much a person an their music can make such a huge impact in someones life her music has helped me through the roughest times in life relationships everything I got the pleasure of meeting brandy for the first time in 2004 because of a close friend of mine that's friends with her , she is truly a kind hearted free spirit  and for the success she has over come she is not stuck up or arrogant just a down to earth kinda girl  with an animated personality  every time i meet brandy i cannot believe I am speaking to her she is truly still a superstar in my eyes no matter how well or how many times Ive met her .

Yesterday I checked her out in Philly an she killed it as always never has disappointed me in any performance or song that shes done check out the flix and video

Jazmine sullivan stopped By to show Love to brandy ,  We are all hoping she comes out with another album considering she said she wouldnt be doing any more music in previous interviews because she said " i told myself when it stopped being fun i would stop doing music"
Well jazzy we need another album asap
After the performance we headed to Club voyeur  an partied!!! my friday was dope

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