Friday, February 13, 2015

Eyefordesign Hair VS Bellami Hair My Review.

Hi Dolls I have not been Blogging in awhile, But I am Back and excited to share with you, my new purchase and Review. 

I was caught in the hype with the Bellami Hair all these beauty gurus, and bloggers were wearing it so I caved and ordered the 20"set.  
At first sight I was excited the quality felt amazing, it had minimal shedding.

So my biggest fear with extensions is , it not blending properly I don't wear sewn ins I  always wear clips, at first I had no issues with the bellami , then I noticed it did not really hold a curl,  on the site I did not see a body wave selection which kind of blows because I live for body wave hair it just fits my face much better ,  that was really my biggest issue with bellami hair  also the fact that I cut my hair much shorter so my hair no longer blends well with these extensions. I know I can get the extensions cut into  my hair but I haven't had the time, the fact that these really don't hold much of a curl I kind of gave up, I may use these whenever my hair grows back or to dye it into an ombre.  Here is a picture of me wearing  bellami hair.

So now Lets get into my Eyefordesign Hair I just received it today so I will base my review on first impression, then come back in a month an tell you guys how it held up, When  I opened My Hair pack I was extremely scared it looked very thin and looked like a small amount of hair again I have full thick hair I guess you cant judge a book by its cover in my case hair lol , as soon as I applied the hair I was so overly excited the body , the volume  perfection I brushed some of the waves out and it still looks so bouncy and full instant gratification with this hair

Now again, lets compare I paid 162 for my Bellami Hair for 20"Brazilian, EyeforDesign Hair 172.00 for 24" Body wave Brazilian.
Now a lot of hair brands and sites charge so much for anything over 18" which Got me, what also Gravitated me to EyeforDesign hair They have payment plans and customize pieces.
I'm so impressed with this Company and my  hair came just in time for valentines Day, I will let you guys know How I'm feeling after a month of wearing it :)

Here are some photos of me in my EyeForDesign Hair

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